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i am looking forward to the near future, and i’ve prepared a lot for it.

这样的开头没有点明“我为什么已做好了准备”。主题句定得太宽泛,而没有选择“一个角度,具体谈谈”。就“ the near future”而言,存在着无限的可能,等于给自己挖了个坑,使考生的下文无法作相应的描述,读者也无法预测你要做什么相应的准备。


i am looking forward to the coming badminton contest, and i have fully prepared for it.


how fast time flies! i begin to think about my future because i will graduate soon. in my opinion, i am ready to be a teacher.



i am ready to be a senior student. i would like to tell you in what ways i am ready for that dream.

nowadays, more and more students are under pressure. parents usually wish us to

be top students in classes, and some students even can’t get along well with their classmates

while others may worry about their scores too much.





‘do you call that a hat?’i said to my wife.

‘you needn't be so rude about it,’my wife answered as she looked at herself in the mirror.

i sat down on one of those modern chairs with holes in it and waited. we had been in the hat shop for half an hour and my wife was still in front of the mirror.

‘we mustn't buy things we don't need,’i remarked suddenly. i regretted saying it almost at once.

‘you needn't have said that,’my wife answered. ‘i needn't remind you of that terrible tie you bought yesterday.’

‘i find it beautiful, ’i said. ‘a man can never have too many ties.’

‘and a woman can't have too many hats, ’she answered.

ten minutes later we walked out of the shop together. my wife was wearing a hat that looked like a lighthouse!



do you ever feel like you have the potential to do great things with your life, but just aren’t sure how to start? i know that feeling very well, as it’s taken me years of reflection to figure out what activities make me feel happy and fulfilled. i hope this article will give you a gentle shove in the right direction. simply answer these nine questions to unlock your potential.



a woman in jeans stood at the window of an expensive shop. though she hesitated for a moment, she finally went in and asked to see a dress that was in the window. the assistant who served her did not like the way she was dressed. glancing at her scornfully, he told her that the dress was sold. the woman walked out of the shop angrily and decided to punish the assistant next day. she returned to the shop the following morning dressed in a fur coat, with a handbag in one hand and a long umbrella in the other. after seeking out the rude assistant, she asked for the same dress. not realizing who she was, the assistant was eager to serve her this time. with great difficulty, he climbed into the shop window to get the dress. as soon as she saw it, the woman said she did not like it. she enjoyed herself making the assistant bring almost everything in the window before finally buying the dress she had first asked for.



people will do anything to see a free show -- even if it is a bad one. when the news got round that a comedy show would be presented at our local cinema by the p. and u. bird seed company, we all rushed to see it. we had to queue for hours to get in and there must have been several hundred people present just before the show began. unfortunately, the show was one of the dullest we have ever seen. those who failed to get in need not have felt disappointed, as many of the artistes who should have appeared did not come. the only funny things we heard that evening came from the advertiser at the beginning of the programme. he was obviously very nervous and for some minutes stood awkwardly before the microphone. as soon as he opened his mouth, everyone burst out laughing. we all know what the poor man should have said, but what he actually said was: 'this is the poo and ee seed bird company. good ladies, evening and gentlemen!"



people are not so honest as they once were. the temptation to steal is greater than ever before -- especially in large shops. a detective recently watched a well-dressed woman who always went into a large store on monday mornings. one monday, there were fewer people in the shop than usual when the woman came in, so it was easier for the detective to watch her. the woman first bought a few small articles. after a little time, she chose one of the most expensive dresses in the shop and handed it to an assistant who wrapped it up for her as quickly as possible. then the woman simply took the parcel and walked out of the shop without paying. when she was arrested, the detective found out that the shop assistant was her daughter. the girl 'gave' her mother a free dress once a week!






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